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I am a Singaporean based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I started as a trainee trader in 1986 at the age of 28 and has been trading ever since. Having 30 years of experience trading various investment and speculative

Finance professional with more than 11+ years of experience under my belt. Out of the total experience, 3+ years of experience is in trading Stocks, Futures, Options, and Forex.

With his Financial background starting with his invaluable skills and experience in the Investing sphere as well as participating in a successful team of Finance Analysts and writers. Vassil Nikolov prides himself in having the ability to handle complex assignments

Knowledge. Strategy. Execution.Hari Swaminathan is the founder of OptionTiger, a cutting-edge Options education and trading company based in Washington D.C.. Hari is an entrepreneur, everyday person and a self-taught Options expert for over 8 years. Hari has a Bachelors degree in

I am a financial analyst who has been guiding about finance and investment theory for more than six years. I have a strong technical background and worked for quantitative research and execution desks in several investment institutions.

Trading Patterns is an Italian trading company with the mission of helping all the traders to become profitable and indipendent . From our experience everyone can be a trader: what stops people from becoming successful traders is lack of discipline

I’m a financial analyst specialized in tradingvia technical analysis my methodology is pattern and math oriented and I oftenuse statistical analysis in the building of investment portfolios. I alsocomplement this with fundamental analysis of financial ratios and macroeconomictrend.I’m certified by

5 Years studying finance psychology , investments, stock market ,financials. Currently stock market day trader profitable for the last 4 months. Fluent English -Spanish and can understand Portuguese. I use statistical analysis to calculate probability and backtest strategy. Also have

I am a technical analyst, trading coach & trainer passionate about understanding trends movements in the financial markets.Opportunities offered by this sector of activity motivates me to constantly adapt my skills and be always ready to take the right decisions

An experienced Financial Analyst / Trader with significant experience in global organisations. - Stocks (financials and technology)- FOREX- Commodities (mainly Gold, Silver, Oil) - Fixed Income products