All Traders Lose: Trading Through Tough Times

General Trading September 16, 2016
Many traders quit just because they lose one or twice. Who told you losing is not a part of the trade? Look at the gurus in the forex market, have you taken time to study what they go through before they became successful day traders? I started forex trade some 7 years ago, after watching some seminars I thought it would be as simple as I have been taught. I rushed to open an account, found a broker, abd transferred $250 to my forex account. The same day the money got into my account I had lost it. Though worried, I looked at my trades and thought I had found the mistake. I did all I could to raise money and funded my Forex account again. This time with $600. Once again, I lost all of it. What would you do in my shoes? Quit, right? Sorry to disappoint you because I kept studying the forex market. I kept losing but I never gave up. I even took a loan to fund my account and I lost all of it. trading728 It got to the point where I had to take a break. I didn't quit but I needed study the market in greater depth. I spent close to a year learning technical and fundamental analysis. I came across others with a similar experience that refused never quit. I kept up the commitment to succeed and today I can say that I have settled all my loans, debt and have recovered all I lost when I first started trading. Today I am a full time Forex trader. Nothing good comes easy. The richest men in the world today have their own short comings. Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme. It is an up and down market, that is the beauty, and all traders lose sometimes. In 2008 during the economic meltdown many top gurus lost billions of dollars. However, as of November 2009 it was said there are too many billionaires in the forex market because the traders took the meltdown as an opportunity to reinvested instead of run. So the question is, do you really think quitting is the right answer? Submitted by Umukoro Eferichard